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Meeting of the Parties

To ensure the continued success of the Montreal Protocol, the Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol was established to bring together all contracting parties. The main functions are to review the implementation of the Protocol, to decide on any adjustments related to reductions of production or consumption of controlled substances, to establish guidelines or procedures for data reporting, to review requests for technical assistance, to assess control measures, to consider and adopt proposals for amendment of the Protocol and to consider and adopt the budget for implementation of the Protocol.

The Meeting of the Parties is also responsible for adopting its procedural rules and financial rules.  It is also responsible for establishing subsidiary bodies which include its Bureau composed of the officers elected by the Meeting of the Parties, the Open-ended Working Group, the Assessment Panels, the Implementation Committee and the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund.

Ordinary Meetings of the Parties are held annually and are organized by the Secretariat.