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Decision XX/15: Difficulties faced by Iraq as a new Party

Noting with appreciation Iraq’s joining the international community in its efforts to preserve the ozone layer, which came into effect with the recent accession of Iraq as a Party to the Vienna Convention, the Montreal Protocol and all its amendments,

Recognizing the difficulties faced by Iraq by joining the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol and all its amendments shortly before key phase‑out dates,

Recognizing also the security situation and the political, economic and social difficulties faced by Iraq over the last two decades,

Understanding Iraq’s commitments for phasing out ozone-depleting substances under the Montreal Protocol and its amendments within a limited time frame,

  1. To urge all Parties to assist Iraq, as a new Party, in controlling the export of ozone‑depleting substances and ozone-depleting substance‑based technologies into Iraq through the control of trade as per the provisions of the Montreal Protocol and relevant decisions of the Meeting of the Parties and to encourage Iraq to participate in an informal prior informed consent process as referred to in decision XIX/12;
  2. To request the Executive Committee when considering project proposals for Iraq to phase out ozone-depleting substances to take into account the special situation of this new Party, which may face difficulties in the phase out of ozone-depleting substances in annexes A and B, and to be flexible in considering the project proposals, without prejudice to the possible review of the non-compliance situation of Iraq by the Parties;
  3. To request the implementing agencies to provide appropriate assistance to Iraq in developing its country programme and national phase‑out plans and in continuing its efforts to report to the Secretariat, as soon as possible, data on consumption of ozone-depleting substances in accordance with the Montreal Protocol requirements;
  4. To request the Implementation Committee to report on the compliance situation of Iraq to the Open-ended Working Group preceding the Twenty-Third Meeting of the Parties, during which the present decision will be reconsidered