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Decision XXI/22: Compliance with the Montreal Protocol by Solomon Islands

  1. That Solomon Islands reported annual consumption for the controlled substances in Annex A, group I (chlorofluorocarbons), of 1.4 ODP‑tonnes for 2006, which exceeds the Party’s maximum allowable consumption of 1.1 ODP-tonnes for those controlled substances for that year, and that the Party is therefore in non‑compliance with the control measures for those substances under the Protocol for that year;
  2. To note, however, that in response to the request for an explanation for its excess consumption contained in decision XX/18 of the Twentieth Meeting of the Parties, Solomon Islands reported that its Custom and Excise Act had been amended in 2007 to include restrictions on imports of chlorofluorocarbons, which therefore had not applied formally prior to that year;
  3. To note further Solomon Islands’ return to compliance in 2007 and its commitment to restrict imports of chlorofluorocarbons, which had taken effect from 2008;
  4. To monitor closely the progress of the Party with regard to its implementation of its obligations under the Protocol;